Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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Why Partner With Us?
The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   has   carried   on   with   the   idea   that   we   are   a   ‘best in   class’   collection   agency   as   long   as   we   keep   in   place   the   basic   policies and   procedures   that   have   kept   us   in   business   for   97   years.   The   CBAL   is   a service   provider   that   you   can   be   proud   to   be   affiliated   with.   We   provide exceptional   customer   service   to   our   business   clients.   We   listen   to   our clients    needs    and    provide    a    collection    format    that    works    within    your business   structure.   We   also   demonstrate   unparalleled   professional   service to the consumer from whom we recover debt. The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   is   extremely   effective   and   has   helped   many businesses   increase   cash   flows   significantly.   We   have   a   very   high   success rate.    Industry    research    shows    that    outside    agencies    have    a    greater probability   of   collecting   on   past   due   accounts   than   do   internal   efforts. Using   an   outside   collection   service   is   actually   less   expensive   than   running an    in-house    collection    function.    By    outsourcing    your    collections    to    the Credit   Bureau,   you   eliminate   costly   overhead   and   wasted   time.   In   addition, the   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   provides   access   to   technology   and   attorney resources not readily available to you. When   you   partner   with   us,   you’re   not   just   hiring   a   collection   agency;   you’re hiring    a    team    of    hard    working    professionals    who    are    concerned    with meeting    your    needs    and    objectives.    We    will    set    up    a    debt    collection program   that   works   for   your   office,   your   staff   and   the   way   you   do   things. We   add   a   partner   to   your   business   operations   and   a   source   of   collection information.   We   will   assist   you   in   the   reduction   or   prevention   of   delinquent accounts   receivable.   You   have   an   advisor   to   improve   account   collect   ability before it’s turned over as ‘bad debt’.
Why Us?
• A Unique Collection Process • Personalized Service • We Protect your Good Image • Credit Reporting • Skip Tracing • Litigation and Judgment Services • Full Asset Searches • Highest Recovery Rates in the Industry • No Collections - No Fee    Our Service Does Not Cost, IT PAYS!