Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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What Should I Do If I Have An Account With the CBAL?
You   should   contact   us   immediately.   If   you   receive   a   letter   from   us   you   have   a period   of   time   as   stated   in   the   first   notification   to   respond.   The   first   notification tells   you   of   your   rights   and   obligations.   We   have   trained   professionals   that   can assist you in coming up with solutions to your situation. The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   uses   a   number   of   ways   to   resolve   a   debt   that   has   been   turned   over   to   us   for   collection.   We utilize   mail   notification   and   scheduled   phone   calls   to   contact   you.   We   have   different   resources   available   to   maintain   this contact. These are all reminders of your obligation and also to assist you in finding ways to pay your bill. The   CBAL   reports   all   past   due   accounts   to   the   three   National   Credit   Bureaus   (Experian,   Equifax,   TransUnion).   This   reporting of   your   credit   file   to   the   National   Credit   Bureaus   can   be   avoided   if   you   follow   the   instruction   you   received   with   the   first notification that was sent to you. Finally,   we   have   a   litigation   team   that   reviews   accounts   and   makes   a   decision   whether   or   not   legal   action   is   necessary   to collect   a   debt.   If   a   judgment   is   pursued   and   utilized   the   expense   will   be   added   to   that   account.   This   process   can   lead   to garnishments, liens, bank sweeps and till taps. The CBAL will make every effort to resolve all issues before using litigation. If   you   feel   you   are   a   victim   of   identity   theft   you   will   be   required   to   file   an   Affidavit   of   Forgery   with   your   local   Law Enforcement Agency and provide a copy of the Affidavit to the CBAL so the account can be reported properly. If   you   have   been   notified   of   a   past   due   account   that   has   been   placed   with   us   you   can   expect   professional   service   to   resolve the issue. You should contact us immediately. Avoiding us just postpones your credit problems. We are here to help.