Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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Licensing and Insurance
The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   is   a   licensed   collection   agency. We   are   bonded   and   insured.   The   CBAL   is   under   strict   guidelines that   must   be   followed   in   order   to   be   a   ‘best   in   class’   collection agency.    We    adhere    to    all    local,    state    and    federal    laws    and regulations.   These   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   the   Fair   Debt Collections   and   Practices   Act   (FDCPA),   the   Fair   Credit   Reporting Act (FCRA) and HIPPA. Our    collection    team    is    trained    on    all    applicable    laws    and regulations.   These   collection   practices   are   strictly   adhered   to and   closely   monitored.   There   is   ongoing   education   and   training to   insure   we   are   up   to   date   with   ever-changing   regulations.   All of   our   account   representatives   are   licensed   collectors   and   have passed   an   extensive   training   course   that   has   been   developed   by the American Collectors Association (ACA).