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Working   with   the   CBAL   adds   a   valuable   partner   to   your   business   operations   and   the   help   you   need   to   manage   your   account receivables.   We   utilize   a   four-step   process   that   includes   mail   notification,   phone   contact,   credit   reporting   and   litigation.   Our methods   allow   us   to   achieve   an   effective   collection   solution   while   maintaining   your   business   image   and   reputation.   The   CBAL   is a ‘best in class’ collection agency that has been a professional service provider since 1913.
The   CBAL   has   the   experience,   tools   and   flexibility to    work    with    all    types    of    debt    recovery,    from healthcare   and   service   to   retail   and   commercial collections.    Whether    you    are    a    small    or    large business,   we   can   provide   a   collection   program   that works.   Please   refer   to   our   Creditors   section   to   find out more or contact us.
Have   your   bills   become   overwhelming?   Look   to   the CBAL   to   help   find   solutions.   We   have   a   team   of professionals   that   will   assist   you   in   finding   ways   to pay   your   debt.   Refer   to   our   Consumer   Services section for additional information.
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