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Medical Collections
Some Key Benefits of our Medical Collections Program are...
Retail and Service Collections
NSF/Returned Checks
Government Collections
Utilities and Telecom Collections
Financial and Default Loan Collections
Commercial Collections
Educational Institution Collections
Second Placement Accounts
The CBAL specializes in Debt Collection for a wide range of industries...
Just   one   of   many   areas   of   our   expertise   is   Medical   and   Health   Care   Debt Collections.     A     hospital,     clinic,     physician’s     office,     radiologist,     dentist, orthodontist,    optometrist,    chiropractor,    hearing    specialist    are    just    a    few examples   of   the   many   professional   medical   practitioners   or   industries   that we are able to collect past due accounts receivables for. The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea’s   number   one   objective   is   to   preserve   the customer     /     provider     relationship     through     respectful,     dignified     and professional   collection   methods,   while   at   the   same   time   performing   debt recovery   services   to   our   clients’   expectations.   We   are   able   to   work   with   you to   facilitate   a   custom   debt   recovery   program   that   suits   your   institutions needs.
• Get accounts receivable paid and keep customers coming back. • Assist and educate customers how to pay their account in full. • Build a custom debt recovery program that enhances your billing department. • Work with the customer to fully understand and answer questions of the money owed and current billing.
The   Credit   Bureau   realizes   the   changes   that   have   taken   place   in   the   recovery   of   accounts   in   the   medical   field.   We   are constantly    staying    abreast    of    all    the    rules    and    regulations    that    are    involved    when    handling    your    patients’    medical information. As the medical industry changes we are capable of staying responsive and adaptive to industry trends.
The   CBAL   collects   past   due   accounts   for   all   retail   and   service   businesses. These   include   plumbing,   heating   and   ac,   electrical,   automotive,   sanitation, construction,    childcare,    grocery,    clothing,    floral,    hardware,    restaurant, funeral   and   computer   services   to   name   just   a   few.   If   you   extend   credit   to your   customers   and   expect   payment   after   the   goods   or   services   have   been received    than    you    have    probably    experienced    the    frustration    of    not receiving   that   payment.   The   CBAL   has   the   knowledge   and   experience   to collect while allowing you and your staff to focus on your business.
The    Credit    Bureau    of    Albert    Lea    offers    a    delinquent    check    recovery program.   This   program   handles   the   collection   of   non-sufficient   fund   (NSF), account   closed   and   no   signature   checks.   The   consumer   who   writes   the   NSF check   will   receive   notification   of   all   penalties,   fees   and   laws   governing   the writing   of   the   bad   check.   Once   these   initial   steps   are   taken   it   then   moves through   the   collection   process   in   the   same   manner   as   other   debt   utilizing the   letter,   call,   credit   reporting   and   possible   litigation   processes   that   have been so effective for us.
The   CBAL   can   collect   your   judgment.   There   are   two   distinct   parts   to   every successful   lawsuit:   winning   and   collecting.   Oftentimes,   the   hardest   part   is the   latter.   The   judgment   is   just   a   statement   of   your   legal   entitlement. Whether   or   not   you   will   ever   see   the   money   depends   in   large   part   on   the defendant's   ability   to   pay   and   your   own   ingenuity.   The   laws   provide   for   an elaborate   series   of   procedures   to   attempt   to   "execute"   on   a   judgment.   If you   have   a   judgment   the   CBAL   can   collect   it.   If   your   debt   needs   to   be collected   through   litigation   the   CBAL   has   the   staff   and   the   experience   to   get the job done.
In   today’s   economic   climate   there   is   increased   pressure   on   government   to maintain    or    even    increase    public    services    creating    a    growing    need    to recover   delinquencies.   The   CBAL   works   with   many   municipalities   at   city, county   and   township   levels   to   collect   a   multitude   of   fees,   assessments, taxes    and    fines.    This    additional    revenue    stream    can    often    make    the difference   in   continuing   programs,   services   and   sometimes   even   positions. We   also   work   with   schools   to   collect   past   due   accounts   and   delinquent student    loans.    We    can    assist    municipalities    in    many    ways    including establishing   agreements   and   resolving   debts   while   treating   the   consumer with courtesy and consideration.
Today’s   economy   has   placed   many   consumers   in   the   position   of   becoming delinquent   on   their   accounts.   Many   of   these   customers   are   historically timely   payers.   For   those   that   fall   behind,   possible   termination   of   service keeps   the   utilities   and   telecom   near   the   top   of   the   payment   list.   As customers   not   accustomed   to   struggling   with   meeting   utility   and   telecom bills   or   similar   obligations   grow,   a   segment   of   delinquent   accounts   requires specialized   treatment   approaches.   With   the   CBAL’s   advanced   technology and   skip   tracing   services   designed   specifically   for   the   telecom   and   utilities industry   we   are   able   to   locate   and   collect   these   past   due   accounts   while maintaining your business reputation and image.
The   CBAL   has   helped   many   financial   institutions   become   more   profitable. From    community    banks    and    credit    unions    to    large    national    financial institutions,    we    manage    past    due    account    receivables    relating    to overdraft/share    draft    accounts,    loans,    credit    cards    and    other    financial transactions   and   products.   You   will   find   that   we   are   more   effective   and efficient    than    most    in-house    collection    efforts.    The    CBAL    follows    all industry   standards   and   adheres   to   all   privacy   restrictions   as   they   pertain   to the   collection   industry   including   FDCPA,   FCRA   and   the   Gramm-Leach   Bliley Act.    Our    financially    minded    team    of    professionals    understands    the intricacies   of   the   industry   and   work   diligently   to   create   tailored   solutions that decrease your charge offs and increase your profits.
Commercial   collection   deals   with   business-to-business   accounts.   The   CBAL has    a    team    of    account    representatives    who    have    the    training    and experience   for   this   specialized   type   of   collection.   Early   identification   and timely   placement   of   commercial   accounts   has   a   significant   impact   on collectability    as    typically    troubled    companies    cash-flow    continues    to worsen   long   before   it   improves.   The   CBAL   allows   you   and   your   staff   to focus   on   your   business   while   we   effectively   collect   these   past   due   accounts in a way that is the least damaging to the business relationship. 
The   CBAL   can   provide   universities,   colleges,   school   districts   and   private schools   with   a   diplomatic   and   effective   approach   to   collections   including tuition,     student     loans,     fees,     books,     room     and     board     and     fines. Relationships   are   key   in   any   business,   but   even   more   important   when dealing   with   your   students.   The   CBAL   team   goes   to   great   lengths   to preserve    these    relationships    and    help    all    involved    come    up    with reasonable      solutions      to      their      outstanding      debt.      Our      account representatives   have   extensive   knowledge   in   these   industries   and   can   get your account receivables back on track.
A   second   placement   account   is   an   account   that   has   been   placed   with   a collection   agency   for   a   period   of   time   and   returned   to   the   original   creditor as    un-collectable.    The    original    creditor    than    places    the    account    with another collection agency. The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   accepts   second   placed   accounts   and   gives them   the   same   priority   as   an   original   placed   account.   The   account   will   go through    the    same    steps,    utilizing    the    same    effort    as    any    and    every account    placed    with    us.    We    view    second    placement    accounts    as    an opportunity    to    show    you,    our    client,    how    successful    our    collection processes are.