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Understanding Your Credit History and Score
When you apply for a loan or a business extends you credit they want to know your credit risk level. There are three major credit-reporting agencies...Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, that maintain your credit record. These records are called credit reports and lenders will want to check your credit report when you apply for credit. The Credit Bureau of Albert Lea is a reporting company, when debt (money you owe another person or business that has remained unpaid) is turned over to us we report that debt to all three of the major credit reporting agencies.
What is a credit score?
A credit score is a number that summarizes your credit risk, based on a snapshot of your credit report at any particular time. A credit score helps lenders evaluate your credit report and estimate your credit risk. Keep in mind each lender has its own strategy and criteria when assessing credit scores, including the level of risk it finds acceptable.
What is your credit score?
750-840 660-749 620-659 310-619
Excellent Good Fair Poor
All Is Not Lost!
Having a higher credit score of course is best. By taking steps today you can begin to improve your score. Come up with a budget that allows you to start making payments or pay off money you owe. These payments are reported and as your debt goes down and time goes by your credit score begins to improve. Pay your bills on time. The best advice is to manage credit responsibly over time.
Don’t Procrastinate! Start Improving your Credit History TODAY!
You, as a consumer are entitled to a free credit report once every 12 months. To obtain a free credit report go to or phone (877) 322-8228 If you wish more information on understanding your credit score, you may go to
Other Contacts...
Experian (866) 200-6020
TransUnion (800) 888-4213
Equifax (800) 685-1111