Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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Code of Ethics, Conduct and Operation
At the Credit Bureau of Albert Lea we strive to: • Maintain the highest standards of business conduct by using only legal and ethical means in all business activity. • Actively promote and encourage the highest level of integrity within the industry. • Be fair and respectful to all employees, associates, competitors, customers and public, in all business or professional relationships. • Commit to the development of building strong relationships with the businesses and individuals within the communities we serve. • Observe all applicable laws, regulations and rules pertaining to the processing and handling of accounts receivable. Our Mission To   be   the   best   provider   of   collection   services   by   exceeding   our   customers’   expectations,   creating   a   professional   work   environment and making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. Our Values Integrity    while   working   in   our   specialized   field   and   treating   all   we   come   in   contact   with   honestly   and   fairly,   while   performing   our duties. Service    by   providing   quality   and   accountability   to   all   we   come   in   contact   with   both   business   associates   and   consumers   while meeting the highest professional standards. Diligence  never wavering, striving to accomplish what is expected and required to maintain a best in class collection service. Our Promise To   maximize   recovery    of   your   past   due   accounts   in   an   effective,   efficient   manner,   increasing   your   cash   flow   while   treating   your customers   with   respect   and   consideration,   thereby   maintaining   your   relationships   and   reputation   in   the   community,   which   in   turn allows you to focus on your business and profits.