Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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Affiliations and References
The Credit Bureau of Albert Lea is a proud member of…. .
Minnesota Department of Commerce The Credit Bureau of Albert Lea is licensed with the Department of Commerce in the state of Minnesota. We are also bonded and insured as required. The CBAL abides by all laws and regulations governing collection and credit reporting agencies and adapts these rules into its ‘best in class’ principles, policies and procedures. Minnesota Association of Collectors, Inc. The purpose of the Minnesota Association of Collectors is to elevate and maintain a high and ethical standard of collection service. MAC is a very effective way to network with other collection agencies in the State of Minnesota. Together with its affiliations with other groups and organizations, it closely monitors changes in state and federal laws and regulations and industry standards. Membership in this association allows the Credit Bureau of Albert Lea access tot hre knowledge and experience of the organization. Healthcare Service Program (HSP) Member The CBAL is a member of the Healthcare Service Program (HSP) of ACA International. HSP is a program that provides its members with the most current information and education available in the complex and constantly evolving healthcare industry. HSP members have access to legal/legislative advise to healthcare receivables issues and are required to attend annual meetings and education institutes held throughout the year. HSP is committed to helping members provide the best possible collection service for their healthcare clients. ACA International The ACA is the world’s largest international trade association of third-party debt collection businesses, attorneys and creditors. It is the knowledge base for the credit and collections industry. Membership in this association demonstrates the Credit Bureau of Albert Lea’s dedication to advancing quality and professionalism in the credit and collection industry. As an ACA member, the CBAL agrees to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, as well as the ethical standards and guidelines established by the association.
The Credit Bureau of Albert Lea has always been and always will continue to be involved in local service organizations and community. We are involved because we have always felt giving back to the community we live and prosper in is good stewardship.
Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce Supporting the local business community is important to the Credit Bureau of Albert Lea. We realize how important every business is to a growing community, both in goods and services provided, as well as career opportunities. Members of the Chamber are fully involved with the growth and expansion of business in the local area and make the community a great place to live and work. Community Caring The Credit Bureau of Albert Lea also has a program in place within our business that encourages our employees to get involved. This program allows them each year to donate time to a service group or charitable organization of their choosing while being paid for their service hours by the CBAL.