Credit Bureau of Albert Lea
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About Our Services...
There   is   no   business   too   small   or   too   large   that   cannot   fully   take   advantage   of the   services   we   provide.   Most   companies   will   find   that   their   in-house   collection efforts   are   time-consuming   and   expensive.   It   is   important   to   have   a   procedure   in place   that   turns   debt   over   to   the   CBAL   as   soon   as   the   debt   has   been   deemed delinquent.   We   suggest   past   due   accounts   be   monitored   and   turned   over   for collection when one of the following happens: • The debt has become 60 days past due • You have lost contact with the consumer • The consumer expresses financial issues • The consumer demonstrates bad faith and loses credibility,     i.e. has broken a promise to pay you by an agreed upon date The   earlier   a   claim   is   placed   with   our   office,   the   greater   the   chances   of   recovery are. The   CBAL   collects   nationwide.    This   service   incorporates   a   mail   notification series,   a   collector   call   program,   credit   reporting   and   litigation.   We   have   found using   our   system   is   the   most   effective   in   capturing   past   due   money.   Our   goal   is to   make   contact   with   the   consumer   and   resolve   the   underlying   issues   that   are creating   the   account   delinquency.   This   unique   system   maximizes   recovery   and accelerates   cash   flow   faster   than   other   methods.   Our   recovery   rates   are   the   best in the business. All   accounts   placed   with   the   CBAL   are   processed   within   24   hours.   All   consumer files   are   reported   to   the   three   National   Credit   Bureaus   (Experian,   Equifax   and   TransUnion)   and   is   updated   monthly.   We   believe our   system   of   mail   notification,   direct   phone   contact   and   credit   reporting   is   the   most   effective   way   of   collecting   your   money quickly. There   are   instances   when   an   account   may   need   our   litigation   services.   Know   that   we   pursue   litigation   when   it   is   deemed necessary. You will be notified and advised when this situation occurs. There are no costs passed on to you for this service. Building   a   strong   relationship   with   our   clients    is   a   number   one   priority.   The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   is   not   merely   a   last resort   for   past-due   accounts;   rather   we   are   advisors   and   partners   to   your   business.   We   pride   ourselves   on   being   available   each and   every   day   for   your   questions   and   concerns   and   we   offer   free   debt   collection   consultations   for   our   active   clients.   We   put   forth the effort to understand your specific needs and tailor a collection plan just for you. Rest    assured    our    collection    program    can    be    utilized    with    the    knowledge    that    your    image    and    reputation    will    always    be maintained.   There   are   no   up-front   costs   or   fees   to   collect   your   delinquent   accounts.   The   Credit   Bureau   of   Albert   Lea   works   on   a contingency basis. We collect your accounts or we don’t get paid!